Nafiseh Emran
MA in painting from Sooreh University
Some of artist’s solo exhibitions:
On The Run, Aun Gallery, Tehran
Co-disintegration, Aun Gallery, Tehran
GGBG, Aun Gallery, Tehran
First prize winner of the 3rd Damonfar’s Festival of young Contemporary Iranian Artists, Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran

Nafiseh Emran was born in 1986 in Tehran/Iran. She finished her high school in natural sciences but due to her enthusiasm for painting, she applied for art school and graduated with MA from Sooreh University.

The concept of most of her artworks is human combined with the power of fantasy which portrays characters each has various visible and hidden inner layers that absorbs the audience in their fancy stories. In her recent works, she includes colors, reality, fantasy and other various different images into her work to create a glorious impressive show using the combination of contradictory characters within her works.

Holding three solo exhibitions and more than twenty exhibitions in and outside of Iran is a part of her resume till 2018.

Nafiseh Emran achieved the first prize in the 3rd Damonfar Festival of young Contemporary Iranian Artists, and was a jury member of the first International Festival of Painting for Pediatric Patients. She currently resides in Tehran and works in her private studio.