Behnam Kamrani
2009 Doctor of Art / Tehran University of Art
Master’s Degree in Painting / Tehran University of Art
1994 Painting Bachelor / Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran
Faculty member of Tehran University of Art
Member of Iranian Painters Association
2010 Selected Works – Exhibition of Palestine Museum
2006 Diploma in honor of the Paris Train
1999 Selected First International Exhibition of Contemporary Design / Contemporary Art Museum / Tehran

Behnam kamrani, having a B.A. degree from “Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran”, M.A. degree of painting and PhD of Resarch and Art from “Tehran University of Art”, relinqished medical faculty to pursue his love for painting professionally.
He is a permanent member of “Iranian Painters’ Society”, member of scientific board of “Tehran University of Art” and member of authors’ council of “Honar-e Farda” quarterly journal. He currently lives in Tehran and is mostly occupied with painting and creating art works in his atelier.
Behnam Kamrani has had 13 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in countries of Iran, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, Armenia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, USA, Switzerland, and Greece.
He also works as the writer and researcher of schoolbooks for the Ministry of Education of Iran. He has too many articles and critics published in magazines and journals such as “Honar”, “Honar-e Farda”, “Herfe Honarmand”, “Bokhara”, “Tandis”, “Tavoos”, and “Mojassame”.
Kamrani has received honorary diploma from Paris Trinal and won the premier prize in the first “Int’l Design Biennale” of Tehran Contemporary Art Museum.
On 1968, he was born in the city of art, Shiraz.