Azad Art Gallery

Activities of Azad Art Gallery can be divided into three main categories:

  • Holding exhibitions for celebrated artists
  • Introducing dozens of new artists every year whose work quality indicates an undiscovered ingenuity.
  • Providing consultation to artists whose works has not been exhibited yet.

Azad Art Gallery was founded by Rozita Sharafjahan and Mohsen Nabizadeh in 2000. From the very beginning, gallery managers decided to work with less famous but talented artists and now it can be claimed that Azad Art Gallery is one of the most successful galleries in introducing young artists and leading movements of Iran’s art.
From the first years of using new media in art, gallery managers conducted exhibitions for these artists and it should be mentioned that Azad Art Gallery is a pioneer in contemporary art, and several iconic artists have held exhibitions in this gallery.

In Azad Art Gallery, some works of Iranian contemporary arts in drawing, painting, performance, video art and installation, have been exhibited with focus on contemporary approach both in form and content.
Azad Art Gallery‘s attitude in exhibiting art works, is to concentrate on artists inclined to theory instead of mere classic aesthetics.

The gallery logo is designed by Reza Abedini.
Azad Art Gallery is located in Salmas Square, Yousefabad, Tehran and is one of the most active galleries of Iran.