Amir Soghrati

painter, curator, researcher and art critic.
born in 1979, Rasht
graduated in journalistic graphics from Journalism Research and Study Center


Amir Soghrati has lived in Rasht until the age 20. He is graduated in journalistic graphics from Journalism Research and Study Center in Tehran on 2002. He is among the most active artists in Iran, who has been active in different fields of art. Holding 22 individual exhibitions and 169 group exhibitions Iran and abroad, also writing more than 1000 articles, reports, reviews as well as journalistic works is the result of his activities since 1994 till now.
Prior to painting professionally, Amir Soghrati had been active as a caricaturist and achieved the supreme prize of International Caricature Festival of Outstanding Characters in Romania. He also achieved the third position in the list of 101 best caricaturists of the world chosen by the Legal Network of Caricaturists of the World in the same year. But for some specific reasons, he didn’t continue caricature and held his last caricature exhibition on 2007 and started painting afterwards.
Across journalistic activities, Amir Soghrati started research, criticism and curating, and also cultural management and art consulting. He was a chairman of Iranian Painters Association and chief editorial of Tandis Biweekly Magazine of Visual Arts, and stablished “Gallery Exploring”, ‘Studio Exploring’, ‘Newswrite’ and ‘Incidentwrite’.
Being the director of research conference of the 7th International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran, director of Council of Policy and Selection of artworks in the second course of A Gallery to the Extent of a City is among his activities.
He is also a member of Visual Art Council of Iranian Artists Forum, a member of Council of Introduction of Iranian Artists to Venice Biennale 2019 and a member of Art Group of Contemporary Culture of Iran Encyclopedia.
Amir Soghrati has curated 8 exhibitions in the field of contemporary art of Iran in Paris and Tehran.
He also writes art books and 13 of his books have already been published. Some of his books are ‘Standing Among Chaos and Beauty, Interview with Ali Nasir’, “Bright Memory of History; Life and Works of Mohammad Rafie Ziaei’ and ‘Passionate of Solitude; Life and Works of Kioomars Kiasat’.