“Art consists in making others feel what we feel, in freeing them from themselves, by offering them our own personality as a liberation.”
Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition

In the present day, cyberspace is recognized as one of the essential and essential elements of access to information and communication for all, the role of virtual media in advancing and expanding every day of this space is indisputable.

Due to the direct relationship with the arts and artists collection, as well as having the necessary knowledge and background in the field of media and cyberspace, we aim at producing and archiving documentaries and wider coverage of artistic efforts and artistic activities through cyberspace. And we started researching about a year ago. Now and after this time and in cooperation with a group of experienced artists and specialists in cyberspace and media, we have started a Project called “Harfe Honar“.

The production of video documentaries from artists, art collections and related events, as well as media management in the arts are the main activities of this project.

We hope that one day the project “Harfe Honar” will be one of the most important references in the Iranian art documentary, and this is not possible except by the unceasing efforts and support of all the people of Iranian art and culture.

We are aware of the status of art and the artist and we respect it and we will always see ourselves next to them.

And this is the beginning …
Spring 2018